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Window is not locking

Please review the scenarios listed below and also review the attached video to correct your locking problem.

Unable to lock the window.

Position the lock to its full open position. Push the upper sash to the top of the window and move the lower sash to the bottom of the window. Once both sashes are in their proper positions, slide the lock into the “locked” position.

The top sash has moved down from its pocket

Push the upper sash all the way to the top while at the same time pushing the lower sash down. This will align the lock and will allow you to lock the window.

The sashes are not aligned properly in the side channel

Tilt both sashes in as if you are cleaning the window. Push both sashes firmly back into the window channel. This should align the sashes and allow the window to lock properly

Balance shoe is dis-engaged

If the balance shoe becomes dis-engaged from the sash, the window will not be aligned and therefore not lock. To correct this situation, please refer to the “Window is not staying up – keeps falling down” section for further instruction.

If the instructions listed above do not correct the problem, please complete the “service form” for further assistance