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Window is not function properly

Most of the time the reason the window does not stay up is because one or more of the balance shoes have come off the pivot bar in the window. THIS IS NOT A DAMAGED WINDOW.

TOOLS REQUIRED: Flat head screw driver.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 1:

Take the flat head screw driver and insert it into the metal part that has a “U” shape grove in it. The “U” is the locked position of the shoe.

Step 2:

Keeping a strong and steady hand, turn the screw driver clock wise until the “U” is now “C” shape (Open position). Shown in the figure 2 to the right.

IMPORTANT: The shoe is spring loaded to go upwards, please make sure you put downward pressure so that the shoes does spring upward.

Step 3:

Bring the shoe up 3″-4″ and then turn the screw driver counter clockwise to bring the grove back to the “U” or locked position. Now you can remove the flat head screw driver as shown in figure 3.

Step 4:

Now bring the sash down to the level of the shoe.

Step 5:

Using the tilt latch, tilt open the window as shown in the figure 4. Please make sure that the sash is parallel to the floor.

Step 6:

Tap on the window near the shoe so that it sits inside the shoe.

Step 7:

Return the sash to its closed position.

Step 8:

Pull the sash UPWARD and check if the shoe has been engaged. If the shoe has been not been engaged, repeat step 4 to 7. If the shoe has engaged you will not see the shoe anymore and the window will function properly.

IMPORTANT: Please do not remove sash unless in an emergency. Just tilt sash for regular cleaning purposes. Thank you for using Window World Products.


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